Ability to set default values for Note fields in Screening Room for RV

It would be useful to be able to set default values for the Notes you create in Screening Room for RV. This could be something you set up per user in the shotgun_fields_config_custom.mu file (a configuration file for the Shotgun/RV integration), or even better, a set of preferences accessible within the UI. Some fields that may have the same value for an entire review session include the Note Type (Internal vs. Client, etc.), CC (copying a producer or supervisor on all artist Notes), and others. Should be able to set defaults for any fields you can fill out when creating a Note in SR for RV.

Would probably be a good idea to automatically expose any field that gets a default value in the UI so anyone taking a Note can see the value that is being auto-populated.


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    Daniel Wong

    Yes, that's a request in our studio. We've made a template note for the note field of the Submit Tool such that when artists submit a version, they are reminded to fill in some required information to supervisors. 

    Please make it as a feature!

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    Jonah Michaud

    We would be interested in setting a default Note Type based on a Person field (like Department or one of our custom fields). This would be for Shotgun in general, not just Screening Room.