Specific notifications when following a person

When Following a person, it should be possible to Follow lot's of Entity types (not just Shot, Version, Publish).


The Follow feature shows a lot of promise, but there are some basic things which I think would improve it.

For example, if you are Following a person you are only notified when certain things happen; they create a Shot, a Version or a Publish. This is hardcoded and not configurable.

What if you care about someone making Notes, or their interactions with other Entity types, including Custom ones ? Having the control to toggle the Entity types (even the default ones), would be great.



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    Armando Ricalde

    I agree, when you are training someone is a good idea to keep an eye on her/him for a lot of different actions in Shotgun,  as one example.

    And I would add, it would be great to control following via API