Bulk Unretire / Revive Selected items in the Trash

We have a feature request to allow bulk reviving from the trash. Rather than one item at a time, select multiple items and click "revive" once.

There are known performance issues that could result from reviving many items at once, so there might some implementation concerns and restrictions.

But if this feature is important to you, please click on "Me Too" to let us know.


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    Nate Barnard

    Ugh!  A 200 entity restore was rough selecting one at a time, but after 10, had a td script the task and it was done in under five minutes.  I had to highlight the id's, copy paste into excel with special formatting to get the values to the scriptor, and then voila.

    As not everyone has a genius sciptor in their pocket though, shift/ctrl select would be great.

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    This is now supported with our redesigned Trash page. Enjoy!