Auto-follow up- and/or downstream dependencies when following a Task

We've had a request to auto-follow any linked Tasks when following a Task. This would allow Artists to follow the interesting activity on Tasks that they are dependent on or Tasks that are dependent on them.

Potentially provide a preference for auto-following the upstream Task and another for auto-following the downstream Task when Tasks are linked.

If this is something that would be a useful feature for your facility, please hit the "Me Too!" button or leave a comment.


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    Armando Ricalde

    Yes, but also a way to control the following via API

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    Jacob Medendorp

    For us, I think the downstream is much more important. I think ideally we'd like it to go as far downstream as possible. I'm not sure how much use we'd get out of upstream notifications, though the option to follow something all the way up could be nice as well. At that point you might as well just follow the whole asset though, haha.