Custom layouts for pages and tabs (expanding on Filter Presets)

Hi Shotgun Community,

Currently we create Filter Presets in the filter panel. This works great for a lot of things, but does not work for everything.

For example, on a shot detail page we currently have 3 different tabs that all contain versions.

1. Submit versions - things people have put up for review.
2. Reference material - images or movies that are relevant to the current shot.
3. Scans/Plates - The source material that people use for the shot.

In separate tabs none of these things can be played at the same time or sorted together. You’d be required to have another tab with everything (or another page somewhere).

Why are they in 3 separate tabs? For 3 reasons:

1. Different filters
2. Different groupings/sorting
3. Different fields are relevant.

Different Filters is already covered, but 2 & 3 are not.

Sorting. In submitted versions the newest at the top makes the most sense, though for reference material, alphabetically or by some other kind of type grouping would be more relevant.

Fields. In the scans tab there are a lot of fields that relate to the camera data of the source material that are completely meaningless to Submitted Versions and Reference Material. Where, by default, list view is also preferred over thumbnail view as well.

So, in an effort to reduce the clutter and amount of tabs, if within a single version tab it was possible to change not only a Filter Preset but also adjust the layout of that tabs to display the newly filtered material appropriately (grouping/sorting/fields) I think it would be useful.

Yes, it would add complexity, but a well-designed global default should be able to work in a lot of cases pretty well.

I could see this implemented as extra buttons next to the view icons with short words like [ Submit ] [ Reference ] [ Scans ], or as part of the filter panel, just with explicit explanation that is will do more than just filtering. It could be a drop down list, as long as you could set a default.

I would like to know peoples thoughts.



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    Ben Hadden

    Hi Alex,

    This request is coming up a lot on our end, so I'd also be interested what the community has to say. We're doing some work in our upcoming release that's going to pave the way for a better Version-viewing experience. I've seen lots of studios do what you do: make separate tabs for different kinds of Versions. And I agree, it'd be way better, from a usability and layout standpoint, if we could get all Versions in one tab with better ways to filter/sort/group/display fields.

    Is it a Version's "Type" field value that differentiate Versions for you? (and for others out there?)

    For Scans, is it required that you see that information in a spreadsheet view so you're seeing it on all Scans at once, or would it be acceptable to have to click a particular Version to see its "Scan Data", maybe in an info pane we display differently per Version.

    For different groupings, does that just help people understand the kind of Versions in the tab? We're wondering if we could make text search really good so people could search by text strings to find reference material, or artist names / department to find submissions.

    Hopefully we get some others posting here so we get more information and can act on this one soon.

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    Alex Meddick

    Hi Ben,

    We actually do have our "Scan Data" as a separate entity type as we do not need all those extra fields on regular versions. Though we prefer not to 'dig' down to get that information, so you can see multiple at the same time on the same page.

    We differentiate versions using tags (so we can place one thing in several categories) rather than Type.

    As for grouping, yes, that is usually just to help separate the information, which the filter panel, with numbers next to the items does help with. Though that does not help with sorting of the information.

    Thanks for your reply. Happy to chat further.