Play in RV - every where


We love animated thumbnails within Shotgun. We love them so much, we migrated our FX library to Shotgun.

BUT. We want to be able to Play in RV any time we see an animated thumbnail, regardless of the context.

For example, you are looking at a Shots page, you see an animated thumbnail, right there is where you want to right+click and Play in RV.

Or more fundamentally, you are on the Versions detail page ( a place which is all about Versions ) and you want to Play in RV.

Basically if it moves, Play in RV!



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    Beth Dewhirst

    Supplementary Request: Ensure that "Play in RV" is available on the Playlist List View Page.

    • Open Playlist Page - ensure you are in List View
    • Select a Playlist
    • Right click on Playlist and have the menu option to "Play in RV"