Free screening room for clients

Hi there,

I love what you have done with the new shotgun! So much more intuitive and easy to use.

I have a question regarding screening room and if there's any interest in developing a way for clients to access and comment on video? I usually have multiple clients from a single company working in different locations around the globe needing to review and comment on work. It's important also to know who's commenting on what, however once a job is over, we rarely have comments from that person again.

Is there any way to sign up or create client accounts for free that would be able to access the viewing room to make comments? I'm a very small studio that would love to take on Shotgun but it would end up being to costly to setup lots of accounts for clients to access and comment.




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    Johnny Duguid

    Hi Robert,

    Glad you're enjoying our latest efforts - thanks for the feedback!

    You're right.  At the moment, there is a burden in creating an additional account even if it's solely for providing feedback on work.  What you've outlined is an interesting proposition and one that certainly warrants further conversation.  While we're not quite ready to have that discussion right now, keep your eyes peeled for updates in the coming months.



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    Brandon Foster

    This feature has been implemented as the Client Review Site which was released in Shotgun 5.3. Read more about it here!


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    Alexey Borzykh

    It would be great to see the Client Review Site evolve up to Sequence Player.

    Full functionality of the Screening Room might be too heavy for the Clients, IMHO.