Task notification content

This is a super easy one.

Right now when I get a task update I get a message that says something like:

Bob McBob changed the status of this Task.
Status: X

But it would be great if the message provided what they it from to what they changed it to, and what it is now.
So for example it would say:

Bob McBob changed the status of this Task from "pending review" to "in progress" at (date stamp)
Current Status of task: X

Having the current status would be nice because if you were going through your updates and you get a status change that has since been changed you can see the disparity and know that other action has been taken.  Let me know if you have any questions, love the new UI. 



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    Astrid Scholte

    Hi Asa,

    Thank you for your feedback. It's great to hear you're enjoying 5.0! We've heard similar feedback from other Clients and I can definitely see how this would be useful. I'll pass your feedback onto our Product Team and we'll keep you updated with any developments.

    Keep the feedback coming!

    Kind regards,