time log by right-click on calendar view

Hi guys,

Minor workflow suggestion for entering time logs:

I tend to look at the calendar view of my time logs to see where the gaps are, it would be great if I could right click on a day in the calendar (which currently brings up a context menu with only 'Configure' in it) and quick-pick from my tasks to start an entry. Currently I look at the calendar view, write down the dates I'm missing, then switch to the tasks page and click the plus buttons next to my tasks to make the entries.

Also, it would be great if you could enter a default description against each of your tasks, as it's quite common for large groups of people to just enter a generic task there (i.e. 'supervision' for me).



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    Ben Hadden

    Hi Andrew, thank you for the feedback/suggestion.  You're bringing up two features that we'll be diving into deeper later this year: calendar and time cards.  The second in particular will give you a much more refined interface for entering your time and noticing any gaps.  We'll have a chance to present these to you soon, so please take us up on the chance to get your feedback for these designs when we email out.  Are you on either our production or dev email lists?  We present new features like this to people on those lists.

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    Andrew Chapman

    Thanks Ben, looking forward to it.

    Could you point me to where I sign up for the prod+dev email lists? I'd love to get that info, but I'm not currently on them.

    BTW, if you guys are still in contact with Animal Logic, you should try get a demo of their timecard system, it was pretty slick.