export to .csv formatting for Status/Sort

I'd prefer to see the full Status Name when I export to a .csv instead of the Short Code you get now.  Or at least have that as an option.
I'd also prefer the export stay sorted the way I have sorted it in Shotgun.

Either that or I like an idea Don offered in response to another request that they might offer fully functional .xlsx exports.  This would be pretty handy as I often use the .csv to make reports for non-Shotgun users, especially clients.  It would save some hassle to not have to make it look pretty again in excel:



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    Ben Hadden

    Hi Heather,

    You're noticing two things that we'd like to make better in future releases of Shotgun:

    1) The option to display Status fields as something other than an icon, such as the long name, and then export that to Excel

    2) Formatted Excel exports that preserve the grouping/sorting/color-formatting on the page

    We have feature requests for each of these and will keep you posted on our progress through this thread.  Are you on our shotgun-prod list?  If not, let me know so I can add you.  That's where we'll email out with questions about the designs for both of these features.