Something as the old "Global Pages" in SG 3.0

I know those pages are in the Reports, but they are not easily exposed to all the users. Not everybody tend to filter and add to their favs, and there are some Reports/Pages I would like everybody can have easy access to with "no excuses", let's think about them as the "Mandatory Favorites".

What do you think?

To the right of the current Reports menu in the global nav would be nice.


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    Stephen Chiu

    Hey Armando, this is great feedback and was used for designing our new Pages menu that rolled out with our 3.1 Release this weekend. Although we don't yet have the feature to make mandatory favorites (e.g. elect what shows up on user's favorites listing), you are able to save Global Pages and display them easily in the Pages menu. Go to "All Pages" in the Pages menu and you'll see your Global Pages there now. 

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    Armando Ricalde


    Thanks Stephen, with the Global Pages back is fine