Display name for local files

It would be useful to have a display name for local files that would allow to use shorter names, just like we have for web links. This would especially be useful for versions, which often have long naming conventions that are not necessary in the scope of Shotgun where the project and shot information is already displayed in the page. It would also allow to hide the extension, which is always the same in an automated version created pipeline. Like web links, clicking on the display name would open the file.

In our case, we would propably use the word 'play' for all versions, since the version name is already displayed and is used to access the detail page of that version.




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    Ben Hadden


    That's definitely something we're looking to support.  Right now you can actually set the link's display name via the API.  You can find documentation on doing this here:


    We also have an internal ticket to track supporting this via the UI (SG #12055).  We'll keep you posted on our progress with this one.  Feel free to ping us if this becomes a major pain point and we'll look into upping the priority!