More Gantt options --> Display fields on the bar...

Some of the production managers here would like to be able to display field data inside the bars on the Gantt Chart (not just to the left or right of the bar.)

This might work better if there were also a larger view of the Gantt Chart -- perhaps a "Gantt Chart Only" view.


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    Isaac Reuben

    Joe, putting data in the bars actually just came up from another client today.  The main issue would be figuring out what to do if the bar is small enough so the data doesn't fit, and that client thought it would be best to clip it to fit the bar (as opposed to have it flow outside, as might *also* have data, like the end date, attached to the outside of the bar).

    To display more of the Gantt chart, you could drag the divider between the grid and the Gantt far over the left.  It always leaves room for a little bit of the grid to show, but only about 100px.  You could also close the left nav by dragging the bar between the left nav and main area over to the left.  Then most of the page would be there for the Gantt.  Would be cool to have a button that would zoom it like that though!

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    Joe Frayne

    Hey Isaac, clipping the data inside bar seems right to me!

    About the larger view of the Gantt Chart, I was actually thinking of expanding the height of each bar, such that you could fit multiple lines of information on a single bar. That's why I was thinking about a Gantt Only view, because I thought the grid might not play nice with it. But now that I think about it more, the grid already supports multiple lines with the "Wrap Text" option, so that wouldn't be a problem. I guess you could just add a "Wrap Text" option for text inside the bar...

    But I kind of like the idea of zooming into the Gantt Chart anyway, such that all the bars would be the same height. And you might want to layout multiple fields on a bar, and still clip each line if necessary.

    Another reason you might want to have a Gantt Chart Only view is for printing. I can't find a good way to print Gantt Charts right now.