Task Calendar View improvement suggestion brainstorming

I think the Calendar View for Tasks needs some love. Here are some suggestions (in no particular order) based on our initial look at it:


1. It would be cool to add an option for showing task "type"-specific icons and/or colors on the calendar.

2. If "status" is enabled on the calendar, then show the tooltips for status when you hover over it, as is done elsewhere in Shotgun.

3. Allow the user to define how enabled fields are layed out, or at least in what order, on the calendar.

4. If an enabled value is empty, don't put a comma and then a nothing value. Just don't include empty values in the comma separated list of values at all.

5. Add an option for including the label of the field before the value. For example, "Priority: 1" instead of just "1".

6. Add word wrap for tasks on the calendar (perhaps along with a better visual separation between different tasks on the same day.)

7. Allow you to set explicit size values for the height and/or width of the day boxes.

8. Add day, week, and multiple-month views.

9. Make weekends and user-definable holidays (and other non-task events) a different color.

10. Enabling "Thumbnail" doesn't seem to work correctly. None of the other fields show up, and only the upper right corner of the thumbnail is displayed.

11. Add a grouping feature, so that you can group the day's tasks by the type of event (show all the tasks starting today in a group first, then below that show a group of tasks ending today.) Or you could group all the tasks by their type. Or use advanced grouping to do both, etc.

12. Support an alternate calendar view which has the weeks as columns, and the task types as rows, and the tasks listed in the appropriate cells.


That's all I've got for now! Anyone else have any thoughts about this? Thanks!




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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Joe.

    I totally agree with all your points!

    For what it's worth, I had asked about #8 before, and would rate this the highest priority from my perspective.  Having a weekly view would be great to have on a dashboard or detail page since it would fit nicely within a tab with no need to scroll.

    I had also asked about #6 before, so glad to hear others are interested in it as well!

    The only other thing I would add, which is somewhat related to your #9 is the ability to not show weekends, leaving more horizontal space for the 5-day work week.


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    Janis Robertson

    Agreed, would love to see more usability from the calendar.