Should "Tasks" and "Tickets" be the same thing? What's the difference?

Originally from a support ticket by Chat Dombrova at Luma Pictures:




i have another quick question about ticketing. as i'm looking more at ticketing i'm realizing that we treat a ticket as a sort of subclass of a task. the biggest feature from tasks that we'd need is a gantt chart associated with our tickets. we could probably just modify the task entity to have several ticket-like attributes, such as title, description, and priority. in addition to that it'd be nice to have a related_tasks field that is a list of task entities, but i'm not sure how to do this. the best i can figure out is how to add a link to a single entity, but not a list. the final hurdle is that we would want different types for production tasks (eventually and hopefully) and coding tasks ( model, rig, lighting vs feature, bug ). so i'm not sure if we want a ticket-like task or a task-like ticket, but it seems the easiest thing might be to start with the task entity.

to summarize what we like from each:

from tasks:

  • start
  • end
  • gantt view

from tickets:

  • title
  • description
  • priority
  • related tickets (or related tasks, if we're just going to modify the
  • task entity to be more ticket-like)
  • type ( specific to ticketing: bug/feature )





Hi Chad, I think you're pointing out something important here. We built Tickets separately to focus on our specific needs as software developers and weren't sure that Tasks were right.  We ended up with a layout and features that is different from Tasks and works well for us, but we've also wanted to see a Gantt pane for Tickets and have added our own "Due" date and "Priority" like you'd have on Tasks.  And we're not quite happy with Tasks either, so perhaps they both need to evolve.

Perhaps Tickets and Tasks should be the same thing with different names.  Which is probably a change to how they both work now.  For example, I think the Task detail page would be better if it displayed a simple note thread area like Tickets (but supporting multiple notes, like Facebook's wall).  The current detail page looks too much like the other entity pages, which can start to be confusing (where am i?).  Besides an open note thread, we'd likely want to embed grid/tabs on the page to show related info (probably under the thread).  This is actually something we've wanted with Tickets too to show linked Tickets (sub tickets?).

Our upcoming Dashboard work will give us the flexibility we need to try out these layouts.  If Tasks and Tickets do become the "same", we'll have to think through if they should be separate entities that work the same but with different names, or if they should all be Tasks.  "Tickets" then become Tasks of a particular type.

It does seem clear that studios using Tasks and Tickets would like to see both on the same Gantt chart.  So that makes me think they should be the same.

We made a Ticket on our end to address this (sg8445) and will be thinking through it. We've heard this same question a number of times now and feel like we can make some imporvements for sure.  We'd love to hear more feedback here in this thread.


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    Chad Dombrova

    perhaps this is too large of a conceptual change to implement at this stage, but i was thinking that Entity subclassing could help with this problem and many more.

    you create a BaseTask entity with all the fields that task-like things should have in common, and associate it with a gui/layout.  then you subclass this entity to create Task and Ticket, which add their own unique fields and possibly also "mute" fields on BaseTask that don't apply (this might not be necessary since it's simple enough to just not show a field in a layout).

    i think it might be difficult to have Task and Ticket be the *same* entity because the "types" field, which both require, will be very different between the two. on tasks (Light, Texture, Model, etc) vs. on tickets (Feature, Bug, etc.).  you don't want to have these two sets of types mixed into the same menus.




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    Hughes, Nick

    We have just been looking at this at my studio. I would have to agree with Don that the Tickets and the Tasks are both missing quite key functionality and flexibility. Each entity independently has some great features, but it would be useful for us to make full use of them in the bespoke ways that we need Entities.

     This is where I feel that each new Entity that we make, should really be more flexible to allow the user that is creating a new bespoke Entity to customize it in any way needed.


    1.  Currently when we create a Ticket in one project and save the ‘Create’ Window Config. This is then saved into all the Projects that have Tickets (so we don’t seem to be able to have customised tickets across projects). Can we please have this saved out at the Project level as well as the Global Level?
    2.  For us to be able to have the Gantt chart included in the tickets Entity showing the schedule of the tickets that have been assigned to users.
    3.  For the columns within Entities to be able to link to other Entities (customized or not) that we have created, that share the same field type. For example if we have created a Task for a Group of Tickets then it would be nice if the schedule could be reference across from the Task DueDate to the Tickets DueDate.
    4.  For columns like in excel, having the ability to customise what they calculate and add the progress as a percentage cross Entities Assets to check progress and get live feedback with in one Entity. For example we have a few projects on shotgun at the moment and it would be great to have one Management project that was linked to the progress of the working projects Entities. Otherwise we will have to add this to our daemon event handler and would rather it was a standard feature.
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    Jacob Medendorp

    We're trying to set up for tracking our internal Software Development here using Tickets/Releases. One thing we're finding is missing, however, is the ability to display fields such as Start Date, End Date, and the like, in a Gannt chart in the same way that you can for Tasks.

    We want the ability to track our correspondence in the Ticket replies, but also our planning was going to include Bidding. We are considering just having a Task that mirrors the Tickets, but wondering if there is a more elegant solution.

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    Patrick Wolf

    Very interesting topic for sure. Just a quick note that this is a duplicate of: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/27642878-Tickets-and-My-Tasks

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    Jeremie Passerin

    +1 Gantt view for Tickets would be awesome