Project-Specific Permissions

Would it be feasible to give a certain user different permissions levels for different projects? So they were a manager on Project 1 and could edit it, but were only an artist/viewer on Project 2 and couldn't make changes to it?

The particular use case we have in mind is stopping people who are managers of one show accidentally making changes/deleting stuff from other shows thinking it was their own ("I don't recognise all these shot codes! Better delete them!" - sadly true to life)


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    Nephi Sanchez 正式なコメント

    Thanks for the input everyone!  


    Although this is not on our roadmap at present, it is on our radar for sure!!  Hearing your different points of view is very useful, we appreciate it.

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    Bryan Holland

    I LOVE IT!!


    This would also allow me to show an outsider just what I wanted to show them.

    For example- Moutain Dew- Sponsors a show and we want to show recent promos for Signoff.

    BUT we dont want them to edit other projects such as other sponsorships, Sales Offices, Affiliates, or...

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    This function will be very helpful for us too. For instance, in project A, artist lily is a project lead, she needs Lead permission, and in project B, she is a normal artist who needs Artist permission. This case we need a project based permission setup that user can have different permission setup in different project. Hope there will be such function in future Shotgun version.

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    Edward Spencer

    Want to add my support here.

    We thought of a couple of ways to define this, but some of the key concepts were

    Separating 'roles' from 'titles'. Roles are project based, whereas 'titles' are what determine your position within the company, salary etc. Then you could add project level fields for all your Permission groups and adjust them accordingly. Obviously some way that Shotgun would know to automatically add an extra column on the Project every time you add a new permission group would also be nice.

    Another way of doing this would be have some kind of project-level hierarchy widget that allows you to determine roles without actually specifying what this person is. This way avoiding any unnecessary friction where someone has been labelled a manager somewhere on Shotgun, but they're not getting paid for it and they feel a ways about it ;)

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    Sachin Shrestha

    It would definitely be useful to have different user permission roles on different projects. Artist on a show can be leads or even sups on another. So being able to granularly set up project specific role would be very helpful.

    I would also extend this to the script users where for certain shows certain scripts can be granted permissions to update certain fields or another project those permissions could be revoked. F.e. on one of our shows the shot's frange is controlled by the client's editorial publish and we would not want our internal users or tools to update those fields. While currently this would require us to explicitly change our pipeline code for this show to not update the frame range fields, having a project based script permission would have helped in such cases.