Custom Project "Name" display

We track projects largely by project ID (example: 09047) as well as by CLIENT (example: NIKE) and NAME (example:"Run America Campaign")

In our directory structure we will list them by $ID $CLIENT $NAME. We also do almost all of our sorting by ID. Our current solution is to put everything into the name and then track the ID and Client in addition (example: "09047 NIKE Run America"). It would be helpful if the project was listed in the left nav by a combination of fields "$ID $Client $Name" instead of just "$Name". It would remove some redundancy and let the name be just the name while still keeping our job list in the navigation bar manageable.


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    Hey Gavin,

    We'll be doing come work on a feature for calculated fields soon and I just added your use case to that ticket. Of course, this may be a separate ticket for being able to configure the leftnav more. You would still want the project name to be "Run America" but have it show up in the left nav as "09047 NIKE Run America"? When linking entities to the project, would you want to have the autocomplete show you the combined string? or just the name?


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    Gavin Greenwalt

    Yeah we would still want the name field to be Run America.  But when searching for the project name and in the left nav have its 'identity' be the full job string.

    However we could probably make use of calculated fields and create a new field for 'name' and then leave the name as a calculated string assembly.

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    Gavin Greenwalt

    Ok I found a generic case where this would be useful.

    We now have Scenes -> Sequences -> Shots.

    If I want to attach an asset to:
    Scene 010, Seq 040, Shot 10

    And shot 10 is just called "010" for its name (which is its name).  Then when I try to attach the entity in the quick search field all I get is a list of 010s.

    This method of displaying Custom Display Names for each entity would really help in this case I could say:


    Display shots as:
    $Scene - $Seq_$Shot
    And it would return
    [icon] 010 - 040_010

    even though the name of the shot is just "010".  This would be especially important then if I rename the sequence I don't have to rename all my shots too. (this has also already happened.)

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    Gavin Greenwalt

    You could put the "display template"  settings in the Page Settings -> Entities rollout.

    [Entity name] ["Shot"]

    [Entity Display Template] : ["$Field - $Field - $Field"]

    [Entity Enabled] [X ]

    [Show in quicksearch] [ ]

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    Tommy Kiser

    This is a big one for us too, although will be less crucial once we finally get unique take names.

    FYI Gavin - the workaround I use if I really need to link something to one of the numerous entities with the same name is I temporarily rename the entity I need to link to ("010-this_one"), link it using its now unique name, then change the name back to '010.'  Obviously a slow and painful workaround, but luckily most of the time the notes are linked properly in the first place.