Query on Date of a Status Change

Our productions are pushing to do more report-oriented pages that involve queries that you can't currently do in Shotgun.  I think there are probably going to be some performance issues with this, but the main thing they're looking for is the ability to query on the date of a status change.  The kinds of pages they're looking to build are for things like:

  • Shots that were changed to [status] this week, last week, etc.
  • Animation that was approved (based on the animation status summary field) this week, last week, etc.
  • Lighting that was started (based on the animation status summary changing to "ip") this week, last week, etc.

While there are ways to figure this out through the API and build report pages through other mechanisms, we'd love to be able to somehow achieve this within Shotgun, so we can also take advantage of the other data and linkages that are on each entity.  Making separate report pages and embedding them in URL tabs (or pages) may end up being all we can do initially, but if there were a way to do this via the regular querying structure, it would be the most powerful.  The only other homebrewed thing that I can think of would be to add a bunch of date fields to try and update them with triggers, but that would probably result in tons of new fields being created, which I would like to avoid.

Also, I wonder if an alternative might be for some way to build a page through the API, so our script would do the heavy query lifting (and figure out what shots should be there), but the end result would still be a nice Shotgun page that looks like any other Shotgun page.




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    Tommy Kiser

    We could really use this exact feature as well, as I'm sure most studios could.  Shots or Assets Finaled Per Week (quota report basically) is probably something everyone needs to report to somebody.

    I'm sure it would be beyond the basic implementation, but somewhere down the line it would be pretty sweet to be able to show this data in a printable graph format (like Lighting Finals per week over the last 12 weeks).