Time Logs - week view entry screen

It would be nice to have a custom screen for an artist to enter their time logged that would be a more traditional weekly view.  Each row would be a task assigned to the artist during that timespan (or to start simple, maybe just any task they are currently assigned to), and each column would be a day of the week.  Then they could pop from cell to cell dividing their time amongst their active tasks.

You could then add additional functionality like 'Copy hours from previous day' or 'Copy from last week.'  Would also allow batch editing - enter the same amount of time on a given task for multiple days.


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    Francis Bezooyen

    @Tommy- nice idea's for copying hours.

    I've recently started using Klok2 (http://www.getklok.com/) to track my time. I find that tracking your time in a calendar view really helps me to more effectively "see" how I'm using my time. I'd love to see functionality like this in Shot Gun.

    To build on the idea - I'd really like for each artist to be able to schedule their own work day in a calendar view (for artists who have to juggle projects), and then log their actual daily use of time all in the same calendar view. Imagine a Week view calendar with two columns for each day - one for the day's planned schedule, and the other for logging actual use of time, with the ability to set notes that further explain what they are doing at a particular point in time without needing to start a "new" activity (Let me know if that needs further explanation).  I'd also like to see day, month and year views of these calendars.

    FYI - any planning calendar needs to have robust options for setting repeating tasks, grouping activities, drag and drop, and visually spanning activities across multiple days.


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    Brendan Abel

    Calendar view TimeLog entry is definitely preferable.