Auto-resize column widths

Just a little UI feature request -- some way to auto-resize the column widths of a list to find the best fit for the data. Perhaps double-click on the resize bar between columns, the same way Excel does it...


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    Joe Frayne

    Also would be cool for auto-resizing panels on details pages (the Description field is often hiding behind the list tabs.)

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    Hey Joe,

    We've got a ticket for that one as well as some hopes of adding more Excel-like functionality to our grid (internal ticket 7056). Feel free to add your thoughts on what other features you'd like to see in the grid to help enhance usability. 

    As for the auto-resizing panels, what if there was a long description and other fields (you can add other text based fields there as well) that were unable to fit on the page, would you expect the panel to resize only to a certain point? Not sure what the best solution for that would be. Let us know what you think.


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    Joe Frayne

    For the panels, I would think you'd want double-clicking the resize bar to show everything -- no limit. If you've got a ton of stuff, it might be cool to be able to configure your detail screen to be left side/right side with the tabs panel, rather than just top/bottom. Or perhaps the ability to put description and other fields into "property tabs" of some kind.

    I'd say double-clicking grid headers should use the following rules:

    1. Don't go smaller than the header title.
    2. Don't go smaller than the text in the field (including "Upload Thumbnail".)
    3. If Word Wrap is turned off, don't go larger than the first non-leading line break (maybe add an ellipsis if there's more text?)
    4. Probably best to ignore images? Or perhaps use the largest size that is available?

    I want to mention that I don't think this is necessarily how the "default" column widths should be determined. For example, it might make sense to keep "Client Status Summary" small by default, even though you can't read the header title. Double-clicking on the right edge of the header, however, should expand it so you can read it.

    For images, it seems that Shotgun stores low res thumbs and just resizes them on the fly. So if I resize it so that it's quite large, it looks quite bad, even after I reload the page. I wonder if Shotgun couldn't store a few different sized images, and then decide which to display based on how large the display area is when the page is loaded? Not sure if this is really necessary or worth it, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

    Another Excel feature that relates is to be able to select multiple column headers and drag resize them to all the same width, or double-click resize them to have them all auto-resize.