Default Entity Thumbnail

I'm getting a lot of views that look like the attached.  (In fact, most of them do.)  I simply have too many records that do not have or need custom thumbnails.  Going back to Andy's custom views request, it would be good if I could remove the Thumbnail icon from the view altogether.

Alternately, it would be nice if I could define a default thumbnail for a given [custom] entity.  A RED clip, for example, would get some type of RED logo.  That would be a lot more useful that staring at an "Upload Thumbnail" box on nearly every page.

(EDIT: Added a screencast of how to hide the thumbnail display - Isaac)



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    Isaac Reuben

    Hey Pliny,

    We're definitely planning to make the layouts of those detail pages more configurable over time.  Currently they all have a thumbnail widget and two fields widgets on the top.  A quick fix though is you can drag the edge of that thumbnail widget over, so that you don't see it anymore (just the two field widgets next to it)

    See screencast here.  (I second your Zendesk feature request about adding files to replies!  You can do that for the Zendesk tickets, so I just assumed you could do it in the forums too.)


    - Isaac

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    Pliny (John Eremic)

    Isaac - Thanks.  I've made some use of the dragging kludge as well. But what do you think of a default thumbnail for an entire entity?  Not a huge functional request obviously, just one of those small useability things that could lend some visual orientation to the app.

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    Erwan Leroy

    I'm having similar - but slightly different- issues. 

    Thumbnails show in a lot of places with different entities that do not require a thumbnail. One place where it really bothers me is when in detail view of any type of entity, the list on the left shows a whole lot of empty thumbnails "no image".

    So far the only solution I have found is to make the thumbnail field not visible for any permission group besides admins. I could hide it from admins too, but then I can never bring it back.. The problem is, as an admin, I have to live with seeing these thumbnails.