More cell formatting

I'd love to see some local cell formatting options, adding to what Andy requests here: https://shotgunsoftware.zendesk.com/forums/31278/entries/39868


1. Leading zeroes.  Seems like a small thing.  I'm a stickler for it.  Carries through all of my company's file and folder-naming conventions.

2. Decimals. Right now, I can display a field for "FPS" one of two ways:

  • A number, which shows the value "23.976" as "23"
  • A float, which shows the value "23.976" as "23.976000".

I'd love an option to dictate decimals or just audio-adjust to sig figs.

I'm thinking of local, not global options.  Under "Configure Field".  (Andy's request about date formatting likewise would override the format_date_fields environmental var in /preferences.)


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    +1 for this.  Would also like an option for formatting a Number or Float field as a "human-readable size".  eg. 1.2GB, 123MB, etc.

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    Benoit Leveau


    +1 for this!

    We have an overscan field on the Shot entity that's configured as a Float field. We just recently decided to allow 3 digits after the decimal point (eg. 1.315) on this field, but it gets displayed with 2 digits (eg. 1.31) because of the global setting in the Site Preferences.The tools will still read the real value so it could get confusing for artists.

    We could of course change the display setting globally but then this will affect all of the fields. We really need a way to change this on a per field basis.