Tasks with multiple entity links

Anyone got any ideas about how to handle cases where you want to schedule a number of things together? e.g. we have a task for testing some stuff, which is related to several different shots. We don't want to have to create multiple tasks, since they're to be scheduled all together (it's not a case of look at this shot today and that shot tomorrow, but look at both of these shots together today) but at the moment taks can only be linked to a single entity. They're not necessarily shots from the same sequence, either, so linking the task that way isn't an option.


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    Mike Romey

    Since we are a predominately episodic drive studio we handle this at an episode level.  Technically shotgun doesn't have episodes but we have retooled scenes to accommodate episodes.  We generate episode tasks that people can schedule against like Producer time or Supervisor time but I don't see why you couldn't have R+D Tasks.  Then they can go about working on that task across all the shots or even sequences.  Although for us, sequences have been set up but are hardly used yet.  Either way at what ever level your creating producer based tasks is where I would consider putting these over-arching tasks.  This works nicely for us and our timecard system.  Using this methodology the Producer or Supervisor or IO department only have to bill to the episode, not itemize to each shot.  So if you are using Sequences and Scenes maybe creating Project based tasks might be an option.