Ability to disable "Page X of Y" popups

Another bit of feedback on 1.7: I notice you've added a pretty "Page X of Y" popup that gradually fades out in a funky manner. Would it be possible to add a preference that lets us turn that off?? We're facing a big uphill marketting job here to convince people to adopt Shotgun because of speed issues, and many of these speed issues are the fault of our users having slow machines, rather than anything to do with Shotgun itself. But things like alpha transparencies do add a burden on the already struggling CPUs that mean it'd be good to minimise their use wherever they're non-essential to the user experience. Sorry again to rain on your parade a little :-(


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    Nephi Sanchez

    HI Andy - thanks for the feedback, it's good for us to hear!  We should be sensitive to these types of things.  I've logged a ticket for this this feature:  a preference to turn this transparency off/on.

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    Mike Romey

    I would second this suggestion.  Keep in mind that some studios also have a single server in multiple location.  So on top of not having the fastest connection to the other location the transparency redraw will potentially be yet another issue to slow down redraw and display hindering shotgun adoption.  Also per Andy's suggestion I might even argue that this preference would be suited to each user or a user location.  So if a user is remote the preference might be "off" but if the user is local to the server the preference is "on"