Formatting: Explicitly set row height

Would be nice to be able to adjust the height of a row in List view like you can in Card view, and have that height setting save with the page format.


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    Hey Tommy,

    We have some plans on our roadmap for adjusting row heights and widths to make them function more like Excel. Are you thinking the heights would be uniform for all rows or they would be set explicitly for each row? Each row might get messy but interested to hear what you're thinking here...



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    Don Parker

    I'm also curious about how the UI should work on this.  I suppose we could give you a drag cursor if you hover near the bottom of a row on the left near the check-boxes.  Think that'd work?  Then maybe an action menu item to set all rows to that same hieght?

    We'd have to also think about what this means if you have wrapping on but then have a cell with more text then space.  I suppose we just crop instead of adding scrollbars, which is what Excel does.

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    Johal Gow

    Specifically for my use case, I want to make an easy-to-view view for anyone who needs status updates.

    It's much easier for them to associate images to a line of information than it is a text based name. Thus, having thumbnails is ideal.

    The problem is that if the thumbnails aren't uniform, it actually makes it much more difficult to read the line-by-line statuses than if the thumbnails weren't there.

    The ideal scenario is that we can define a row overall height, and that the thumbnails scale within that size.