Open Tickets Count

Would love an Open Tickets Count field that works exactly like Open Notes Count - with the pop-up focus grid and everything.  This would be very useful to be able to see if there are any outstanding trouble tickets linked to a given entity when looking at a summary page.

This one is pretty high on my priority list, not sure if it's already planned for a future release.




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    Don Parker

    Tommy, the framework we have in place for those summary fields can do this, but we'd have to code in the fields for you at the moment.  Would these be all tickets per shot where status was not "resolved"?  Do you use tickets on other entities too?

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    Tommy Kiser

    I'd say tickets where status is not Resolved, Closed or Final. (I'm just not totally sure which of these they'll decide to use with the new procedure.)  If it worked just like Open Notes Count for now, I'm sure that would be just fine to start with - from a quick test it looks like that field excludes Final, Approved, Resolved, Omit, Hold...others?.  A pref might be good for statuses to exclude (or include) for Open Notes Count and Open Tickets Count fields in the long run.

    Entities - if it's a lot of additional work per entity supported, I'd say the only critical entities are Shot and Asset.  But if it's easy to include others, I'd again mirror the Open Notes Count functionality and have that field available for almost every entity.  In practice I doubt we'd use it much beyond Shot and Asset, but I could see tasks and maybe takes being linked to tickets.

    But I think as long as tickets can only be linked to one thing (alluding to another feature request... :) we would try to funnel all ticket links to the parent shot or asset affected, so those two entities would be fine to start with.

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    You can now achieve this with Query Fields which were added in v1.13. You can create a new query field on an entity that filters for Tickets linked to current entity and summarizes by count. The docs are located here https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/140685-query-fields