OTIO as playlist and cut interchange format

Shotgun currently supports ingesting cut information in the form of EDL.
It can also output playlists and cuts to RV.
It would be great if OTIO (Open Timeline IO) is supported as an interchange format for these tasks.

There are two things that we hope to be able to to with otio.

1. Ingest editorial information in the form of otio
In this case we are looking for shotgun to create a new cut and add the cut-items for the clips in the timeline. Ideally it would also try to figure out the shot and version, based on the clip media or clip name.

2. Output a shotgun playlist or cut as an otio
This is so that we can play the playlist back in rv or our editing suite. For the media we want to use the local paths.



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    Nephi Sanchez 正式なコメント

    Hi Bashesen,


    Thanks for the input, great to have this feature request.  This is on our radar for sure (but not on roadmap yet) - we have discussed this internally and with a couple clients.

    Let's see how the community votes this one up!





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    Satish Goda

    +1 This would really be an excellent addition to our pipeline as we can make the most out of RV. Thank you!