SG TK browser menus using correct config

We would like the Shotgun Toolkit browser menus to reflect the config set in Shotgun Desktop.

All of our project configs are centrally installed and version controlled. We want to use up to 3 “active” configs on a project at any time.

Primary: The most up-to-date config approved for most artists to use.

Beta: For final testing and approval by TDs, Supervisors and Leads.

Dev: For initial testing by developers.

When a TD, Lead or Supervisor chooses to test a beta release, they select that configuration from the dropdown menu in SG Desktop. Whenever any config other than “Primary” is selected, SG Desktop displays a blue warning bar, highlighting the change. This works great!

(Primary config)

(Dev config)


However, users rarely launch applications through the SG Desktop as it does not set the sequence and shot information as the browser interface does.


There is no equivalent indication of the chosen config in the SG browser interface. Even more importantly the menu options shown are always for the primary config, regardless of which config has been set. Even if the user has already specified that they want to work in the beta or dev configuration, they still need to remember for every action they take in the browser, to ignore the options presented and deliberately scroll down to choose the correct option for the config they are using.

(Users testing a dev config must remember to ignore the obvious options every time and search for the correct launch option)

The chance of error here is huge as the options that are most accessible are not the ones they have chosen to use, and there is no easy way to catch this error when it happens. This is not good design and can have major implications if the user is unaware that they are testing a different environment than they think they are.

Please change the menus visible in the browser to reflect only the options that should be available to a user based on the config they have chosen to use.



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    Nephi Sanchez

    Thank for the input Fred, appreciate the details!