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Is there a field in the RV source nodes that allows us to control the duration of a particular frame in RV through python? (For example, making a particular frame last for a couple seconds rather than the default 24 frames per second). I would like this to be controllable on a per-frame basis (some frames in a sequence might have a longer duration than others).

The use case is I'm looking at making some storyboards match their duration in Adobe Premiere. In the Premiere file, some particular JPG frames are shown for longer than others for timing purposes. So I'd like to be able to load in these JPG frames into RV and use data from Premiere to match the duration.



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    Jon Morley 正式なコメント

    Hi Sylvia,

    I think a better approach might be writing a script to set the explicit frame mapping in the source group's retime node. Here are the properties for the RVRetime node:


    If you set the explicit.active property to 1 and set explicit.firstOutputFrame to 1 (a guess based on your description), then you can fill the explicit.inputFrames array with the frame pattern you want. Something like 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or what have you. That would hold the first frame for half a second (12 frames at 24 fps) before moving on to play the other frames.

    Will that work for you?


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    Sylvia Kosowski

    It looks like there are three different RVRetime nodes associated with this source, the defaultStack, defaultLayout, and defaultSequence. Which one of these am I supposed to modify?

    I've tried modifying each of these three the way you suggested, but each time I get the following error:

    read failed, opening .gto file (file name goes here) failed to parse text GTO (0)

    For reference, here is how I've been changing the data in the Retime node: