python commands.narrowToRange()

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i'm having some trouble using this function. As the name says it's supposed to narrow the frame range. it takes to integers as start and end. If I run this command in the defaultSequence after starting RV Player everything works. The frame range is set properly and narrowedFrameStart() like narrowedFrameEnd() give me the correct result.

What I want to do is narrow the range of my source. So I set the viewNode to the sourceGroup I want to change the range for. Then I run the narrowToRange with two arguments as before. But only the In Point of the source is set, although narrowedFrameEnd() gives me the correct output.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Using the In and Ouput Point setters are no real alternative because I have to check the result afterwards.

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    Yannic Schoof

    Okay, I found a solution that's working. Found the inpoint() and outpoint() function that return the proper information, but would be interesting what's going wrong with narrowToRange.