Import Cut - Base Layer Media playback

Until such time that XML is (perhaps?) supported, I have a feature request with regard to how the Import Cut tool works with base layer media. It would involve triggering the app to play the base layer media if there is a break in the master TC in the EDL.
It is my understanding (through testing Import Cut and chatting with Shotgun support) that currently, the EDL needs to have seamless master TC and the base layer needs to be logged as distinct events in the EDL. (If anyone has differing experience with this, please speak up)
For example, lets say the imported EDL and the base layer media both start at 01:00:00:00. The first event (shot) on the EDL runs from 01:00:05:00 to 01:00:10:00 and the second event starts about 5 secs later at 01:00:15:00 and runs until 01:00:20:00. I would like the base layer to play from 01:00:00:00 to 01:00:04:23 and from 01:00:10:01 to 01:00:14:23 - and continue to play after the second EDL event (predicated on there being more base layer movie to play) despite not being logged as events on the EDL.
What I'm experiencing currently, is that the two EDL shots referenced above, play back-to-back in both the Shotgun Media App and RV without the base layer media at all. I'd like the base layer to play automatically in the "gaps" between the shots.
I would echo that the feature request that the base edit audio play by default, regardless of versions without audio playing over top, would be a critical feature to have as well. It is the contextual foundation upon which everything sits.