Overlays in Client Review

We were sharing a video with different people, and wanted to watermark different versions with who they've been shared with. To do this we have to make a new version of the video for each new person we want to share it with so we can swap out the individual overlays being added.

If there was a way to overlay a video with a client user's information or a version name automatically it would make it a lot easier to watermark the videos that we send out to people.


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    Ned Wilson

    I second this. For any of us who have to conform to MPAA watermarking regulations when uploading sensitive imagery to a cloud service, this would make life a lot easier.

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    Janis Robertson

    We are forced to use PIX because of security issues when sharing work with our multiple vendors. More robust security protocols on the Client Review Site, such as watermarking, would allow us to keep the workflow in shotgun.