Shotgun Pipeline Developer opportunity in Mexico City

Ollin VFX is a Visual Effects Facility based in Mexico City. Founded in 1998 the Company quickly grew and became the largest VFX and Post Production Facility in Latin America.

In 2006 the Company decided to expand it's services to the United States and maintains an office in Hollywood, CA. Ollin VFX continues to offer creative and technical solutions, strong collaborations with it's Clients, and a very talented core group of Artists, Technicians and Production Management. Ollin also keeps a broad range skill-set, which include: Concept Design, Previsualization, Shoot Supervision, 2D Compsiting, 3D/CG Effects, Animation, Motion Design and Software Development.

Principal responsibilities:
  • Design/Create/Implement processes and tools for all departments; editorial, 3D, 2D, compositing
  • Improve our current publishing system including deliveries to client that complies with the show specs
  • Pipeline optimization
  • Communicate with the team about their needs
  • +3 years of experience designing and programming VFX Pipelines for feature films
  • +3 years experience with Python, PyQT, PySide
  • Experience deploying a Pipeline using the Shotgun Toolkit and APIs
  • Strong basis and experience with source control (Git), unit tests and deployment tools
  • Experience with NUKE and Maya APIs 
  • Ability to work comfortably in a mixed OS environment (Linux, Windows)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Ability to self-manage
Mexico City is an awesome place to live; great people, great culture, great food, and a great studio to work at.
Come and join our team of talented people. Currently working on several feature length film projects.
Apply now by sending your cover letter and resume to jobs@ollinvfx.com