Filter copy/paste, reorganising and sharing

We'd love some reorganisation and management features for filters across a project;

  • Ability to move individual filters up and down, to quickly reorganise the order in which they're processed.
  • Ability to move entire filter groups up and down, for the same benefit.
  • Ability to copy filters from one page to another (button to copy CSV/text version of filter to clipboard, then paste into another page perhaps?)
  • And the ability to create filter presets (both individual filters, and filter groups). For instance - Filter these assets by ones appearing in season 6 - our project has a crazy number of ways that these types of basic filter could be created, and some of them are horribly inefficient.

We suffer a lot of extremely long page loads due to the inefficiency of some our users filters. Just being able to rearrange filters rather having to delete them all and start from scratch, as well as having presets to choose from, would make a huge difference in the time it takes to test best practices and apply them across tens and tens of pages.


On a related note, some kind of performance metrics tool would be fantastic for us admins who want to see which filters are killing a page's load times. I'm sure something like this may already exist for backend, but is there a chance we could get a frontend tool to help us diagnose bad filtering?