Shotgun for software dev

HI all,


I have been using Shotgun to log tickets for myself while I'm developing a software.
It's more or less a one-man-project, but I did go into beta testing recently and am now wondering if there is something akin to the client page for media that could be used to facilitate beta testing without having to add the beta testers as Shotgun users?!
I'm pretty sure there isn't, but I thought I'd mention as it would be awesome.

Allowing beta testers to see tickets and comment on them, as well as allowing developers to provide release notes based on tickets and release entities in Shotgun would be tremendously helpful.

Keen to hear your thoughts on this.




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    Frank Rueter

    On that note: does anybody know of a 3rd party bug tracker that plays nice with shotgun (or could do with a bit of scripting)?

    I am toying with the idea to test Bugzilla but I don't like the idea of having to maintain redundant databases.