SVG Support for Overlays

Hello there.

In our studio we have hundreds of SVG files that are currently being used to stamp frames. Since "physically" stamping frames is a rather expensive operation we wanted to use RV overlays. I've been looking into the SVG specification and it seems that it'd be kind of easy to support SVG, except for images. All of our SVG files includes the logo of the studio (usually a .png). Is there any way I could draw an image in the overlay layer? Our RV version is 6.0.

Thanks in advance. 



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    Jon Morley 正式なコメント

    Hi Chema,

    Sorry for the long delay. We don't currently support images in overlays. You could easily make a stack and put your logo in the first input. Also make sure the logo has useful alpha information.

    If you don't need the logo in view while running RV, but want to stamp it on with RVIO, then you can use the overlay bug script as discussed in the RVIO "-help" output:

      Movie w/Bug:          rvio in.#.jpg -o out.mov -overlay bug logo.tif 0.4 128 15 100

    Please feel free to make a feature request if this won't cut it for your needs.


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    José M. Calvo

    Thanks Jon, I thought about using a stack, the problem is that they don't want to add extra "noise" in the session manager.