Direct Link to Dropbox for Media

I'm doing 100% remote workflow with different artists and would love a way to directly link to Dropbox Links for things like Quicktimes and image sequences.  This would prevent the need to DOWNLOAD then RE-UPLOAD every time a new version is ready for client review.  I could instead point the "new version" upload to the proper Dropbox link.  Make sense?


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    French- Christopher

    I second this.

    I've worked with many small studios that have artists working remotely where this type of feature would be really awesome. I know they would love to be able to send more than just quicktimes. The ability to upload files and dependent files (such as Maya scene files) would save them a lot of time too. if it could auto integrate back into the studio pipeline setup too, once the remote artist has finished their work, that would save a lot of manual work that is done by leads or production.