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Filter Panel Page filters in Screening Room DJ Hauck 2 comments 3 votes Completed
Ability to set the default Subject for Notes Astrid Scholte 17 comments 28 votes None
Specific notifications when following a person clinton downs 1 comment 6 votes None
Summary Email Formatting Astrid Scholte 29 comments 60 votes None
Bulk Unretire / Revive Selected items in the Trash Matt Welker 2 comments 2 votes Completed
A button to suppress Welcome to Inbox/My Task videos from coming up. Jeff 6 comments 5 votes Completed
Default Value for List Field Matt Welker 12 comments 14 votes Completed
Add Range as a Date Field Summary Option Brandon Foster 0 comments 2 votes None
Add an "Unfollow" link to the body of an email Matt Welker 0 comments 4 votes None
Auto-follow up- and/or downstream dependencies when following a Task Matt Welker 2 comments 6 votes None
'ALL' keyword to add All Tasks when importing Notes Matt Welker 0 comments 0 votes None
UI for Managing Tags Tommy 23 comments 66 votes Completed
Batch Share Thumbnails via the API Matt Welker 2 comments 6 votes None
Option to configure the Thumbnail field to be a query field of a linked Entity Astrid Scholte 29 comments 34 votes Completed
Customize the new Project Overview Astrid Scholte 37 comments 60 votes None
"All" as acceptable data for "Tasks" field in CSV import of Notes Eric Levin-hatz 0 comments 0 votes None
Custom layouts for pages and tabs (expanding on Filter Presets) Alex Meddick 2 comments 2 votes None
Play in RV - every where clinton downs 1 comment 8 votes None
Follow from global search query clinton downs 3 comments 1 vote None
More tabs on a Detail Page Astrid Scholte 20 comments 21 votes Completed
Automated way for a user to reset their password ("Forgot Password" link) Tommy 7 comments 20 votes Completed
Customize the "reply-to" address from Shotgun emails Matt Welker 1 comment 7 votes None
Ability to customize where the Screening Room for RV Submit Tool saves the QuickTime movie it generates Tommy 4 comments 4 votes None
Ability to "lock" a threaded entity once closed Matt Welker 1 comment 5 votes None
Hide Unused Tabs Astrid Scholte 1 comment 0 votes None
Accessing multiple Work Schedules with a single API call Tom Wild 0 comments 0 votes None
Customizable Per-Person Homepages Jacob Medendorp 5 comments 27 votes Completed
OutBox in Shotgun Shervin Shoghian 5 comments 7 votes None
Tickets and My Tasks Brandon Foster 15 comments 9 votes None
Ability to customise fields on Notes detail page Judith Pope 12 comments 15 votes Completed