Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Permissions based upon entity creator Andy Geers 13 comments 0 votes None
Archiving Individual Projects Andy Geers 13 comments 3 votes None
Ability to show a column from more than 1 link away Rob Blau 13 comments 10 votes Completed
Removing 'more' drop-down on pages at initial load Kate Kazokas 12 comments 6 votes None
Better implementation of markup language in text editor Patrick Wolf 12 comments 29 votes Completed
Default Value for List Field Matt Welker 12 comments 14 votes Completed
Display options for Countdown Widget (weeks vs. days, etc.) Tommy 11 comments 25 votes None
Tickets and My Tasks Brandon Foster 11 comments 9 votes None
Ability to customise fields on Notes detail page Judith Pope 11 comments 15 votes Completed
shots page - gantt view clinton downs 11 comments 1 vote None
Current Day filter Tommy Kiser 11 comments 0 votes None
Assign Supervisor to Task Zivan Petricevic 10 comments 2 votes None
Ability to save the Detail Pane layout in Screening Room/Overlay Player Astrid Scholte 10 comments 16 votes None
Playback of multiple clips on the client review site Meg Walls 10 comments 12 votes Not planned
Tickets as part of Inbox notifications Dení C. Gloria 10 comments 42 votes None
Playlists from Single Record Query Fields Kimberly LeBrane 10 comments 2 votes None
Non-login "People" Pliny (John Eremic) 10 comments 2 votes Completed
Multiple Project Templates Gavin Greenwalt 10 comments 1 vote Completed
Multiple "New Entity" form configurations Andy Geers 10 comments 13 votes Answered
Scheduling: Percentage assignment Andy Geers 10 comments 15 votes None
FEATURE REQ: Created By info on Shared Pages Tommy Kiser 10 comments 1 vote Completed
Ability to add custom options to the status_list entity Rob Blau 10 comments 0 votes Completed
Configurable units of time to use for duration fields as a display option Rob Blau 10 comments 21 votes None
Transcoder output bandwidth/quality options Joseph Yu 9 comments 13 votes None
Shotgun Review for Android Brandon Foster 9 comments 17 votes Not planned
Multi-Select Field Type Astrid Scholte 9 comments 16 votes None
Conditional Permissions Editor in the UI Tommy 9 comments 40 votes None
Add Versions to Playlists on other projects (Global Playlists) Brandon Foster 9 comments 19 votes None
Show additional fields on Inbox list (as well as My Tasks and Detail View) Tommy 9 comments 25 votes None
Option to Sort Filter Panel items alphabetically Matt Welker 9 comments 26 votes None