An update on our ZD forum and comments

Hi everyone,

Back in July, I posted about our new community forum and plans to move the ZD forum and comments into read only mode.

The time has come and new posts and comments have been turned off.

Moving forward:

  • General Shotgun or workflow related discussion should be directed to the new forum
  • Feature requests and ideas can be submitted to our Roadmap Portal

We will leave these posts online and available for reference by both the community and our team, but do not plan to migrate the content to the new areas.

If you have a thread or discussion here you'd like to continue, please post to the new forum and reference the post via URL or copy/paste the content. Alternately, if you need help with this, you can drop me a line at johnny @shotgunsoftware . com

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact me directly at johnny @ shotgunsoftware . com

Thanks for your attention—I hope to see you on the new community forum!

(P.S.—apologies to those of you that get multiple notifications about this, as I'll be posting this to each category to ensure everyone gets it.)


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