Counting number of times shot submitted for director review?

I'm not sure exactly how we'd go about this but I'll describe what we're looking for:

We'd like to be able to query, on a per-shot basis, how many times a version has been submitted for that shot that has been set to a status of "director review".

We're trying to enforce the number of times a director can give notes on a shot so it would be helpful to have a count that displays the number of times a version submitted to a specific shot has been set to the "director review" status.

Any thoughts?

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    Brandon Foster

    Hey Sean!

    Are you tagging the Versions in any way outside of the status flipping between "Director Review" and something else? If you have something like a checkbox field "Sent to Director" or a tag to query on, you could build a query field on the Shot entity that looks like:

    Let me know if that would work for you!

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