Setup Unreal problem

Hello! Could you help me please. I`m trying to link Unreal to Shotgun and I`m stuck on step when my project loading in Shotgun Desktop. It trying to download tk-unreal, but does not finish it and just hangs. Whats wrong?)

Here is screenshot:

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    Ковалев Алексей Иванович

    In console returned error code 128


    ERROR] [PROXY] Failed to download into path \AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\bundle_cache\tmp\6010bcc5c9bd44d38d616b0d5a760ff5: Could not download git@github.com:ue4plugins/tk-framework-unrealqt, branch master, commit d21ff6124a901ce018ab639cbefe8bfc67115a79: Error executing git operation. The git command 'git clone --no-hardlinks -q "git@github.com:ue4plugins/tk-framework-unrealqt" \AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\bundle_cache\tmp\6010bcc5c9bd44d38d616b0d5a760ff5"' returned error code 128..

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