File System Filter syntax for subset of pipeline steps


I have a problem finding a solution to the following issue. A shot entity contains comp and cg work which I'd like to seperate from one another. Our folder structure in each shot looks like this (dir levels separated by - )

  • cg - work / pub .. - step - maya / houdini ....
  • comp - work / pub ... - nuke /....

When I create a scene in maya, it will create all pipeline step folders inside the cg work folder, but also those which don't belong there because they are for comp (e.g. prep, key etc.). How can I avoid this and only create a subset of all pipeline step folders that fit "cg".
I have the problem that cg and comp are currently static folders and there is a directory level between cg and step? Can you create a filter for this?


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    Ian Dodman

    Having the same problem at the moment, did you ever find a solution to this?

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