custom filters in custom pages

Hi SG team!

I have a situation when I create a page for tasks.
the idea is list all task that the artist is assigned to OR is in the CC field.


But when I try to save the page, it does not allow save for the filter:

What I'm doing wrong? 


Fidel Moreno


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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Fidel,

    Thanks for your question! Is this filter a custom filter (appears at the bottom of the filter panel, and is specific to your user) or a page filter (appears at the top of the filter panel, and is available to all users)? If the former, you may want to try saving it as a Page filter instead. It's not possible to save a Page with personal "my" filters active which is what the error message is trying to convey. Give that a try and let us know how it works for you.

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    Fidel Moreno

    Hi Brandon, 

    es, it was a mistake that I try to save a user filter, actually I didn't know that sg has two levels of filters for pages haha, I delete my filter and create a "global" new one, and it works. 



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