creating new shots with EDL via Import Cut (not working)

I have been trying to use an EDL to create new shots in an existing Sequence. 

I've tried the following:

1. create new sequence in SG

2. Create new sequence in Media Composer with all new shots

3. Export CMX3600 EDL and Quicktime mov of sequence.

4. Open RV and select Import Cut

5. I drag EDL and QT into 'Drag & Drop EDL & Mov'

6. Select the Project

7. Select the Sequence

The issue now is that the next to 'Shot' is No Link (in red). If I select the Import Cut button these shots are not created. I understand that I can manually add the shot at this point that defeats the purpose of the tools creating the shots for me. 


Is it possible to use Import Cut with an EDL and have SG automatically create new shots?  


EDL sample:


TITLE: ww_0500
001 0500.010 V C 01:00:13:18 01:00:26:02 01:00:00:00 01:00:12:08
* FROM CLIP NAME: 0500.010.HANM.01
002 0500.020 V C 01:01:03:17 01:01:06:15 01:00:12:08 01:00:15:06
* FROM CLIP NAME: 0500.020.HANM.03
003 0500.030 V C 01:00:26:00 01:00:32:10 01:00:15:06 01:00:21:16
* FROM CLIP NAME: 0500.030.FIN.01
004 0500.040 V C 01:00:22:08 01:00:25:18 01:00:21:16 01:00:25:02
* FROM CLIP NAME: 0500.040.COMP.01


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