Load new media into existing RV Session?


Is it possible to add new media to an open RV app on OSX from the terminal rather then launch a new instance of the app?  




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    (Michael) Kessler

    Hi Daniel,


    Given you are on OSX, there's two options available to you.  RV's built in rvpush allows you to do this on any platform.


    To start, I load the first media with:

    /Applications/RV64.app/Contents/MacOS/rvpush merge solid,red=1.0,green=0.5,blue=0.2.movieproc

    This loads an orange solid frame (though this would be whatever media you were trying to load).  The first time this will load a new RV.

    Next, you run it again with different media.

    /Applications/RV64.app/Contents/MacOS/rvpush merge solid,red=0.0,green=0.0,blue=1.0.movieproc

    This will find the existing RV session run with rvpush and add the extra media.  At this point, I have one frame of orange, and one frame of blue.



    The additional feature you have with OSX is that the url handler by default will target the same running RV, so you can use the `open` command to target the existing rv like this:

    open rvlink://solid,red=1.0,green=0.0,blue=0.0.movieproc

    By default though, this will re-use the session and not merge.  You can force RV to open a new session in the existing running RV application, which would look like another movie.

    I hope that helps you!




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    Daniel Kramer

    Thanks Kessler, very helpful. 



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