Add a "Help URL" Field to the Page entity

It would be amazingly useful to be able to specify a "Help URL" for any Page, and for that to be displayed as a link/help button somewhere at the top of the page that would open that link in a new tab.

Frequently, the information entered into shotgun is expected to be formatted a certain way (see the 10-year-old feature request for field validation :/), or the page may play a part in some larger process that needs to be followed. 

As it is now, there is no easy way to get a user from the page in question to any documentation that may exist about it.

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    Tony Aiello

    We add a 'Help' tab to various Pages and make the tab's View Type either 'URL' which we then point to a page in our wiki, or 'Canvas' on which we then expose a Fields Widget displaying a single text-type Field we added to the Page entity schema.  Or you can use a 'Canvas' type and combine both.

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