tk-multi-starterapp - live connection between app and web page?

I was testing out the shotgun_multi_select branch for tk-multi-starterapp.  Currently, on that branch, the app gets its context from a selected entity at the time of launch.

Could the connection be more "live"?  For example, if had an asset called TankA selected and I launched the app, then the context will be set to TankA.  Let's say I have another asset called TankB.  I want the context of the (already launched) app to switch to TankB after I select it.




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    Jeff Beeland

    Hi Chris! What you're specifically describing in your example isn't going to be possible. However, it would be feasible to monitor Shotgun for changes (things like task assignments changing, new entities being created, etc) by polling and have a Toolkit app update itself. It would likely be some combination of the ShotgunModel provided by tk-framework-shotgunutils (docs linked below) and a QTimer that periodically asks the model to refresh its data.


    I also think this is a good question to ask on the shotgun-dev email list, as I suspect there are others out there that have tackled this same problem and who could offer advice.

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    Chris Spears

    Great!  Thanks Jeff!

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