Direct URL to a Tab inside the Overview View on a Detail Page

Hi folks, building upon https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/en/community/posts/209479568-Direct-URL-to-a-View-on-a-Page , we'd like to be able to get directly at a TAB inside the default Overview View for a detail View.

For example, let's say we had a tab named "Designs" on the Asset detail page — let's say that it shows Versions linked to the Asset of type "Design". As per that direct-View feature, you can get at the Overview View via:

- https://yoursg.site.com/detail/Asset/12345?layout=Overview

What we'd like now is:

- https://yoursg.site.com/detail/Asset/12345?layout=Overview&tab=Designs

Although I guess the "layout=Overview" part might even be redundant, since currently the 'Overview' View is the only view that supports tabs anyway.



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