"Revert Page" Button Reposition


Could we please please have the "Revert Page" button moved anywhere other than right next to the "Save Page" button.

I had an actively used page that I couldn't save often without disturbing artists, I realise now I could have made an incubator duplicate page but I didn't so when I went to save a load of changes I hit revert.

A bonus would be to get a redo button but I realise that that's much more of a task than moving a button.


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    Tony Aiello

    Agreed, this has happened to Admins at our studio as well.

    It would be great if the EventLogEntries on the 'Page History and Stats' included the ID# or some other sort of metadata pointing to the PageSetting entity that got created by such an accident.  Then theoretically one could use the python API to delete that PageSetting entity, and even write an AMI to do so graphically.

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